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Social Security Strategies

Client Centered

Social Security has been increasingly important to retirees as many companies have eliminated their Defined Benefit Pension plans.

When to take Social Security depends on many factors. The first part of strategizing is to find your’s and your spouse’s monthly benefit at your respective full retirement age. Other factors include:

  1. When do you expect to retire or semi-retire?  
  2. Do you intend to keep working after retiring from your full-time position? If so, how much will you make?
  3. How much will your benefits increase if you defer receiving benefits for one year or more past your normal retirement age?

In order to assist with this, there is a Social Security Analyzer that we can use. It can even assist divorced people with claiming on their ex-spouse’s retirement!

Not affiliated with or approved by the Social Security Administration or any other federal or state governmental entity. 

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