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Stanley Carra

On October 7, 1989 Stanley Carra fulfilled all the conditions of eligibility and examinations imposed by the Solomon L Huebner School of the American College to the Rank of “Chartered Financial Consultant”.  

Stanley has a passion for helping others assisting his clients develop a secure retirement income plan. Assisting his clients understand their risk tolerance and planning for market downturns helps protect them from panic selling. Clients are encouraged to have an emergency fund, as well as sufficient safe assets so growth assets are not withdrawn during market downturns.  

Most companies have discontinued their defined benefit pension plans so income planning during retirement is more crucial than ever.  Developing a wise withdrawal strategy from their retirement assets is necessary. People are living longer so their retirement needs must be protected for a longer time. Growth assets assist in allowing for inflation. A written long-term plan that is reviewed semi-annually gives clients the peace of mind so they can enjoy a secure retirement.

Stanley believes in the extra time and care needed to educate his clients to make informed decisions.